Ten people were killed and around 50 others were injured in St. Petersburg, Russia, after an explosion on the metro, state-run media TASS reported.

The explosion occurred on a subway car in a tunnel while traveling between the Sennaya Ploshchad and Tekhnologichesky Institute stations. The city’s metro system, which has five lines and 67 stations, has been forced to shutdown completely. About 2.3 million people use this transportation per day.

Photos show the front of the car torn off as well as passengers running from the scene as the station filled with smoke.

Photo Credit: CNN
Stanislav Listyev told CNN he felt the explosion and saw smoke exiting the tunnel.
“I was going down the escalator at Sennaya square at about half past 2, and at that moment I felt an explosion wave underneath. Everything was filled with smoke, people started panicking. So the trains stopped and almost immediately the evacuation started,” he said.
Photo Credit: CNN
Andrei Kibitov, the governor’s press secretary, said, “At the moment there are about 50 injured, doctors are working with them. The number of ambulances there at the moment is 17. It will increase.”
According to state media, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated his condolences for the victims and is speaking with FSB security services regarding the investigation.
“The reasons for the explosion are unknown, so it’s too early to talk about it. The investigation will show what happened,” Putin said during a meeting with Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko.
“Naturally, we always consider all options — both domestic and criminal, primarily incidents of a terrorist nature.”

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