Buying your college textbooks at the campus bookstore is becoming a thing of the past. The books are often outrageously overpriced and you are forced to buy the books rather than rent them.

After the semester is over your $250.00 Microeconomics book can be sold back to them for a solid $3.50. Buying books at the bookstore is a rip-off, so for those of you who are just entering college or are unaware of the beauty of renting textbooks here are a few good resources.

1. Chegg 

Chegg is an online store that allows you to rent textbooks for the semester. At the beginning of the semester go onto the website and rent all of your textbooks. They will typically have some sort of coupon code for free shipping or other offers, so remember to watch out for those as well. At the end of the semester you will get a reminder to send the books back. Print off the shipping label (free shipping!), load your books up and send them back. It is a much cheaper alternative to the bookstore and more efficient.

Website: Chegg 

2. Amazon 

Amazon has a similar service to Chegg, where you can rent your books for the semester and then send them back at the end of the semester. It is also a great option to buy reading books, especially for English classes or Political Science, many of the books are sold used on Amazon for less than a dollar.

Website: Amazon

3. Online Books 

If you prefer to read books online instead of in print, you can rent textbooks this way as well. Amazon, Chegg, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and many more companies will rent books to you digitally. Many local libraries have this feature as well, where you can rent a textbook digitally through them if you have an electronic reading device.

Website: Barnes and Noble

4. Alternative campus stores 

Many colleges have a privately owned college textbook rental stores on campus. The prices are much cheaper than the bookstore affiliated with the college. They typically will have all of the same options, yet at a lower price. Google different bookstores in your town or on your campus that are not affiliated with the university.

5. Used book stores 

Used book stores are carrying college textbooks more often. Stores like Half Price Books typically carry a wide variety of college textbooks or reading books for class at a very low price. They also have a website where you can purchase the books.

Website: Half Price Books 

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