Summer is upon us and that most likely means that your entire routine will soon change. While it’s necessary to make time for relaxation, it’s also important to be productive. Here are five ways to make the best of the next few months.

1. Take Classes

Many people see the summertime as a break from school. While this may feel relaxing at the time, think about taking a few summer classes at a community college. This is cheaper than taking them at a university and often easier as well. You will be thankful that you got them out of the way when the summer is complete.

2. Search for an internship or job

Use the summer as a time to gain experience or make money. It is never too early to try out an internship in your directed field of study — plus you’ll get a great resume-builder. It’s also a bonus if you can score a paid internship. Also consider picking up a part-time or full-time job. This is the best time to build your bank account!

3. Out with the old

Sometimes we just need a good cleansing. Take some time to clean out your car, closet, furniture, or anything that you don’t use or need anymore. Whether you give it to charity or hold a garage sale, you will ultimately feel better once you have cleaned out several areas of your life.

4. Learn a new language

There have probably been times in your life that you wish you knew another language. Whether you choose to learn it on your own or take classes, you should never stop learning and growing. Knowing several languages can help you in many areas of life from breaking language barriers to helping you get a job.

5. Get into shape

How many times have you used the excuse of not having enough time to workout? This is the perfect time to stop using excuses and to get into shape. Take time to get into a workout routine and be mindful of your diet. You may find that you have more energy, have better moods, and simply feel better overall. Aim to be the best you possible!

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