The past couple of years have found me traveling frequently. Whether it’s a flight to a conference or a few hours in the car traveling from school to home, travel definitely takes a toll. Thankfully, there are things you can do to make it less stressful and simpler.

Here are seven tips to make traveling better:


One of the biggest problems I used to have when traveling was getting a headache due to lack of water. I would either forget to bring any with me, or not bring enough. Now, I make sure I either have two bottles of water or I remind myself to fill my water bottle up when I stop. If I’m flying, I carry an empty bottle of water through security and fill it up the second I get to the terminal.


It’s important to know exactly how long your drive is, and where you can stop along the way. When flying, it’s good to have an idea of the flight times, scheduled landing times, and how long you’ll be waiting during any layovers. Knowing these details beforehand will prevent stress later on.



Did you bring your car charger? Do you have lotion and chap stick and everything else to deal with the dry heat in your car? Do you have every little thing you would typically need on a trip within arms reach? It’s important to make sure that you can reach everything you’ll need.


Flying? Pack granola bars and nuts to avoid buying overpriced airport food. Driving? Decide beforehand where you’ll stop for food and know what you want to buy. Thinking through food choices before you actually need to buy anything will save you money and help you eat healthier.


Make a list of what you need to pack, check it twice, and then think how each item needs to be packed. This is essential if you’re flying, and helpful if you’re going to drive. When I fly, I typically have my laptop and earbuds, homework, and my Bible in my backpack (along with snacks), a couple of outfits, makeup, toiletries, and things too bulky for my backpack in my carry-on, and everything else in my suitcase (sometimes I don’t even bring a suitcase).

This makes it easy to reach the things that are priority (backpack items) while stowing what’s needed less frequently or later on (suitcase items).



If you’re flying or someone else is driving, you’ll inevitably have some extra time. Make a plan for what you’d like to get done during that time. Your plan could even be to simply catch up on sleep. I get dizzy really easily if I try to read while traveling, so usually I plan to only read a chapter or two of a book, then stash it and sleep. Time well spent!


Rare is the trip where I’m free to throw on a baseball cap and hoodie. More frequently, a professional or social event starts very close to when my flight lands or I get in from my drive, so I usually find myself needing to be dressed and ready in the car or on the plane. Believe it or not, it is possible to be dressed and ready to go and STILL be comfortable during a long ride in a car or plane.

My favorite go-to is a nice pair of jeans, wedges, a blouse, and a cardigan or a blazer. Layers are key; they let you dress it up or down and allow you to adjust for temperature. I typically do all my makeup except for lipstick before I leave, and then touch up my makeup and put on lipstick when I arrive.

Enjoy your travels, and let HYPELINE know your favorite travel tips in the comments!


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