Those who don’t follow Illinois politics, might not know about all the budget cuts which universities across the state have had to made in response to the state going nearly two years without a budget.

One of those institutions which has had to make some very significant cuts has been Northeastern Illinois University. The school is a public institution, which has had to give teachers and staff a number of unpaid days off, cancelling classes for three days, etc. in order to be able to pay the bills which the university incurs.

One would think that with these significant cuts having been made, school officials would be extremely hesitant to pay an additional $30,000 to anybody, necessary or not. Well, university officials recently authorized paying former Obama Administration advisor Valerie Jarret to deliver the school’s commencement address.

This decision was heavily criticized immediately in the press and in the public. In response to this decision though, a donor initially stated that the speech would be covered in its entirety, meaning the school would not have to pay the lofty fee. However, Jarret has now stated that she will actually wave the speaking fee completely.

It is interesting to see how the school decided to pay such a lofty price tag when they cannot even provide classes or pay staff as they are supposed to. It is certainly good to see that the school ended up not having to pay such a large sum of money for the commencement address.

What do you think? Should Northeastern Illinois have paid Jarret for the speech? Let HYPELINE News know what you think in the comments!

(h/t Chicago Sun-Times)

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