It is no secret that Bernie Sanders has long been an outspoken proponent of socialist policies. In fact during his decades of advocacy, he has even gone on the record of defending Cuba’s Castro regime because Fidel Castro “totally transformed the society.”

Although one could dismiss these comments and attempt to justify them, one could reasonably expect that Sanders would be somebody who is dedicated toward helping those without. He has criticized the number of deodorant options which Americans have and continuously lambasts the wealthy for “overspending” on thing they don’t need.

But what is interesting about Senator Sanders (I-VT) is that when he speaks out against millionaires and billionaires, and asks how many yachts and cars billionaires need, he misses out on something which is rather inconvenient for him. It turns out that Bernie Sanders actually has three houses of his own. It is certainly fair to believe that he does not need to have three separate homes.

So in response to one of the Vermont socialist’s recent Tweet’s Ben Shapiro responded saying simply: “You own three houses.”

In fact, one of those houses was purchased just last year. It is a $600,000 lake house in Vermont and the purchase was highly publicized when it was made last summer.

What do you think about his three houses? Is it hypocritical of him to rail against others having “too much” while he owns three homes? Or is he just partaking in the system? Let HYPELINE News know what you think in the comments!

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