The Black Lives Matter chapter in Philadelphia has banned white people from their next meeting, claiming “this a black only space” on their Facebook and Twitter account.

BLM Philly stated that those who identify as “a person of the African Diaspora” are invited to attend meetings and become a member. The term “African Diaspora” refers to those who feel they relate with Africans suffering in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, which occurred between roughly 200 to 500 years ago.

When someone on Twitter pointed out that Martin Luther King Jr. marched alongside white activists, the Philadelphia BLM chapter doubled down by stating that MLK had “made his choice” which did not reflect theirs.

He made that choice and we have made ours. White people can support us but they cannot attend our meetings.

— BLM Philly (@BLMPhilly) April 3, 2017

Subsequently, the BLM critic was attacked by BLM supporters for bringing up the fact that MLK worked alongside white activists. It was an unfortunate display of BLM supporters advocating for not only segregation of race, but also of thought.

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