Earlier this week, the Cleveland Indians punched their ticket to the World Series for the first time since 1997. Winning the best of 7 series in just 5 games, the Indians were able to easily get passed the Toronto Blue Jays.

Since Tuesday when they clinched the AL pennant, they have been sitting around waiting to see who it is they will be going up against in the Fall Classic. Cleveland has not seen a world series victory since 1948, marking the second longest drought in Major League Baseball.

Yet the longest drought goes to the Chicago Cubs, they have not won a title since 1908, marking a stint spanning over a century, which has been attributed largely to the “Billy Goat Curse” and a number of other explanations for their inability to make it to a World Series, much less win one.

But in Game 6 the NL West winning Los Angeles Dodgers, went up against the Chicago Cubs who led the league with 103 victories. The pitching matchup came between Cy Young contender and League leader in ERA Kyle Hendricks, and former MVP and three time Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw.

Hendricks went 8 1/3 innings of shutout ball against the Dodgers, while Kershaw only lasted 5 innings with 4 Earned and 5 Runs allowed total. The Cubs stellar offense came with Home Runs from First Baseman Anthony Rizzo and Rookie Catcher Wellington Castillo.

The game began with Dodgers Outfielder Towles reaching base on the first pitch, but with a double pay on the very next pitch the Dodgers momentum came to an end.

At the end, Chapman allowed a walk in the last inning, but once again this was stopped with another double play as a ground ball was fielded by Russell to Baez to Rizzo to finally win the pennant.

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Jake Leahy is a Staff Writer for Hypeline News, frequent contributor on 560 the Answer in Chicago, and a student at Deerfield High School (IL). Follow him on Twitter @jakealeahy.


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