Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit group created by parents of victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting, works to prevent gun violence. It was created in hopes to stop another fatal and horrific incident from happening to others.

Sandy Hook Promise’s website states that in 4 out of 5 school shootings another person knew the shooter was planning it, but never spoke up or told anyone. Therefore, they work to encourage students to speak up when they see the signs or they know another student is planning an attack.

The group recently released a PSA video on stopping gun violence, specifically in schools.

The video emphasizes the importance that these shootings are preventable, the warning signs are usually there. Stating that it is important to notice the behavior of children in school and to get children that are struggling or showing these signs help.

Along with the video, Sandy Hook Promise released a list of warning signs to look for, to prevent gun violence and school shootings. The signs include, strong fascination with guns or firearms, overall violence, aggressive behavior over minor problems, self harm, social isolation, and threats of violence. Read the full list of warning signs provided here.

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