Many of us agree that 2016 was a miserable year. However, when reflecting back on these past twelve months it is obvious that there are people out there who definitely had a worse year than us, more specifically, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

To get you out of your slump caused by this year, and to make you more excited for the Trump Administration coming in another month, here’s a list of some of  the Democratic Parties failures this past year:

  • Failed recount attempt
  • Losing the election
  • Losing electors in the electoral vote
  • Leaked Hillary Emails
  • Podesta Emails
  • Bill Clinton rape accusations
  • Anthony Wiener scandal
  • Passing and the failed repeal of NC HB2
  • Hillary being roasted by Trump during debates
  • Obamacare rate hikes
  • Not gaining control of the House or the Senate
  • Having their ability to nominate a replacement for Justice Scalia shut down
  • Numerous voter fraud accusations
  • Debate Moderators giving the questions to Clinton prior to the debate
  • FBI opening and then closing Email investigation (midyear)
  • FBI reopening investigations days before the election
  • Clinton foundation scandals

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Katherine is a student at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte who is double majoring in Spanish and Political science. She loves Jesus, Donald Trump, and having political debates with liberals.


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