1. A Republican Mug that features the portraits of iconic members of the right.capture2. A handy key fob that features the GOP Elephant and stars and strips.capture13. A pair of comfy socks to show Republican pride all the time. capture34. For the person who loves the Constitution and other writings, the book The U.S. Constitution and Other Key American Writings contains works such as the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the Federalist Papers.capture45. For someone that wants to learn about the secret history of the Democratic Party or missed the chance to see it in theaters, a copy of Hillary’s America directed by Dinesh D’Souza.capture56. A Lily Pulitzer inspired GOP Elephant sticker that’s available in a variety of pattern.capture6

7. For the history lover or lover of the Declaration of Independence a tie that features the document, also available as a bow tie.

8. Or a tie for the Constitution lover.

capture89. An “Ain’t No Party Like The Grand Ole Party Long Sleeve Tshirt” that features five iconic GOP members. Also available in red.


10. Awesome stickers from Future Female Leader. (photo via ‏@IvanaPetrovic1)


11. Finally, if you feel like going big, the Donald Trump Red Cap Collectible Ornament is perfect.capture11

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I'm a proud, young Republican from East Tennessee #GoVols. I am a lover of politics, writing, and all around nerdy things. I believe that young people are the voice of change, and change is what I want to make in the world. #BigGovSucks #AllLivesMatter


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