What does it mean to be empowered? The word is thrown around so casually, yet rarely do we take the time to sit and think about how we can truly live empowered lives. This isn’t so for the ladies at EmPOWERed; they know that to truly live empowered lives, women should be able to defend themselves freely.

According to their website, EmPOWERed is a movement of women on college campuses all over the country who feel empowered when they use their gun for self-defense. The whole goal of the movement is to make women, no matter their age or status, aware of the fact that being able to carry a firearm for self-defense is not only their right, but what true female empowerment looks like.  

EmPOWERed was founded by Antonia Okafor (one of the country’s foremost advocates for concealed campus carry and Southwest Regional Director for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus [SCCC]), and co-founded by Joanna Rodriguez (Southern Regional Director for Turning Point USA) and Lydia Longoria (economist and writer). This group is amazing not only for the fact that they’re young women advocating for the 2nd Amendment, but that they’re all minorities.

Left to Right: Antonia Okafor, Joanna Rodriguez, Lydia Longoria. PC: EmPOWERed

The EmPOWERed Twitter account tweeted out yesterday,

“Guns on campus is racist” isn’t going to work so well w/ 2 Latinas & a black woman is it? #2A

Antonia Okafor was on a panel with fellow 2nd Amendment advocates Kimberly Corban, Ashley Lundvall, and Kristi McMains (moderated by Katie Pavlich) at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference. They shared their stories and passionately spoke about the importance of women being able to bear arms.

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These ladies are well known in the world of conservative politics, but the movement doesn’t end with them; women all across the country are realizing that it is their Constitutional right to protect themselves, and that being well defended is empowering.


Make sure to follow EmPOWERed on Twitter at @empowered_2a, and head to their website to order some EmPOWERed gear! Stay tuned-these women are going to do great things.

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