This past week of college football saw a number of upsets across the board.

At the top, Alabama once again proved why they are undoubtedly the top team. With a 51-3 victory over Mississippi State, the Crimson Tide are now 10-0 with no disruptions in sight. Even if they eventually win a game or possibly even two, there is a good chance that they can stay in the top four to get a seat in the college football playoff. Even with potentially having one loss, the chances are high that Alabama would even remain as the top seed.

But the certainty just about ends after the top seed of Alabama. Number 2 Clemson went down 43-42 against 5-4 Pittsburgh, while Michigan lost to 6-5 the University of Iowa 14-13. Despite starting off as a top 10 team in the beginning of the year, the Hawkeyes have not had the best season, both of these losses against unranked school do not reflect particularly well on the losing schools.

Also within the top 5, the University of Washington lost to number 20 USC 26-13. Evidently, the loss by two Touchdowns has been viewed as worse than those of Clemson and Michigan, despite USC being a higher quality opponent. But with a one point loss to in conference opponents over .500, it is difficult to make a case demonstrated that a specific program is not capable or worthy of a high rank.

This also came as (3) Ohio State, (4) Louisville, and (6) Wisconsin all demonstrated their worth towards the top with strong victories against in conference opponents. The Buckeyes blew out the Maryland Terps 62-3, the Louisville Cardinals dominated Wake Forest 44-12, while the Wisconsin Badgers demolished the University of Illinois Fighting Illini 48-3.

Also notably, (9) Texas A&M and (7) Auburn went down as well, 29-28 to Ole Miss and 13-7 against Georgia respectively. With this, 5 of the top 10 schools went down this past week, simply shaking up the rankings even more.

  1. Alabama (6)
  2. Ohio State
  3. Louisville
  4. Michigan
  5. Clemson
  6. Wisconsin
  7. Washington
  8. Penn State
  9. Oklahoma State
  10. West Virginia
  11. Utah
  12. Colorado
  13. Oklahoma State
  14. USC
  15. Western Michigan
  16. LSU
  17. Nebraska
  18. Florida State
  19. Auburn
  20. Washington State
  21. Florida
  22. Boise State
  23. San Diego State
  24. Texas A&M
  25. Houston

This week’s panel consisted of Jake Leahy, Mason Clark, Tex Fischer, Devin Bilski, Dyllan Ogurkis, and Jonathan Narramore.

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Jake Leahy is a Staff Writer for Hypeline News, frequent contributor on 560 the Answer in Chicago, and a student at Deerfield High School (IL). Follow him on Twitter @jakealeahy.


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