As always, there were a number of significant games to shape College Football this past week.

Notably, Alabama went up against Tennessee, where the Crimson Tide even further solidified their number 1 spot in the rankings with a 49-10 victory over the Volunteers who were ranked 11 in the HYPELINE rankings.

Additionally, number 2 Ohio State went up against the number 8 Wisconsin Badgers. In their 30-23 victory on the road, the Buckeyes certainly demonstrated their legitimacy to be set up to participate in the College Football playoff. Despite the impressive win, it also became clear why they do have the number two spot, as it appears that Alabama is significantly better than the rest of the competition.

Yet again, Clemson won indecisively against a school which they have been expected to defeat by much more. They only beat North Carolina State by one Touchdown, which is a similar margin as their games against Louisville, Troy, and Auburn.

Here are the rankings from Week 7 of the HYPELINE College Football rankings.

  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Michigan
  4. Washington
  5. Texas A&M
  6. Clemson
  7. Louisville
  8. Nebraska
  9. Baylor
  10. Houston
  11. Wisconsin
  12. West Virginia
  13. Boise State
  14. Florida State
  15. Florida
  16. Oklahoma
  17. Tennessee
  18. Arkansas
  19. Utah
  20. Western Michigan
  21. Auburn
  22. North Dakota State
  23. North Carolina
  24. Navy
  25. Ole Miss

This upcoming week, the top game to watch certainly is Texas A&M (5) at the University of Alabama (1). If Alabama is able to come away with yet another win by a large margin, it would be extremely impressive. The only “weakness” on their record so far is their 48-43 win against Ole Miss and their 49-30 win against Arkansas.

Another big SEC contest comes between the University of Arkansas (18) going up against the Auburn Tigers (21) at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

As of this week according to our rankings, Alabama would face Washington, while The Ohio State would be against their top rival the University of Michigan. However between the Buckeyes and the Wolverines, it should be decided at the last week of the regular season when they face off in Columbus, Ohio.

On the outside looking in for the College Football Playoffs comes Texas A&M, Clemson, Louisville, and possible even Nebraska. The Cornhuskers will have a chance to travel to go up against Ohio State in the first week of November. Should they win that game and win out, they certainly will have a seat at the table to compete in one of the playoff games.

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