The end of an era has arrived for Fox News’ late night show, Red Eye. On Monday, Fox News Channel announced that Red Eye was going to be canceled, with the last episode airing this coming Friday. The show was filled with satirical takes on the news and humorous discussion between the panel.

The Hosts and Main Panelists

Red Eye premiered in 2007 with Greg Gutfeld as the host, a role that he held until February 2015. Since June 2015, comedian Tom Shillue has been host the show. Andy Levy has served as the ombudsman and did the halftime report and was on the panel when Gutfeld stopped doing the halftime show. Shillue brought back the halftime report after being named host. While Gutfeld, Levy, and Shillue were consistent Red Eye regulars for years the show had Rachel Mardsen, Bill Schulz, and Joanne Nosuchinsky as consistent panelists.

Rachel Marsden’s Departure

The Red Eye panel the night Rachel Marsden (far right) took off her shoe during an episode.

When Marsden was fired from Fox in 2007 for erratic behavior Red Eye had her escorted off the set by security. Marsden said the show was going in a different direction and that she was the first casualty.

Toronto columnist Marsden ousted from Fox News

Bill Schulz and his Departure

Former Red Eye panelist Bill Schulz

Bill Schulz had been a regular on the show since its first episode in 2007. He was known for his outrage glasses when he was upset about a certain subject. Schulz left Red Eye in November 2013. His last appearance was on November 7, 2013 and his departure was announced on November 22, 2013. At the time, Schulz left for undisclosed reasons but revealed last year he was fired from Fox News.

Fox’s Red Eye Announces the Departure of ‘Repulsive Sidekick’ Bill Schulz

Joanne Nosuchinsky

Former Red Eye panelist Joanne Nosuchinsky

Joanne Nosuchinsky first appeared on Red Eye in September 2013 and became a regular panelist in February 2014. She became Miss New York in 2013 and also appeared on Greg Gutfeld’s new show from May 2015 until her departure from Fox News in August 2016. Nosuchinsky left Fox News to pursue an acting career.

Joanne Nosuchinsky Says Goodbye to Red Eye and Fox News

Red Eye provided several funny moments, which was expected with the mix of panelists on every night. No matter who was hosting, whether it was Gutfeld, Shillue, or an array of guest hosts, Red Eye pushed boundaries and provided entertainment to everyone who stayed awake late at night.

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