Apparently the left only wants female empowerment when it involves politicians like Hillary Clinton — not glass ceiling shatterers like Kellyanne Conway.

A group of over a dozen law professors are on a mission to disbar Kellyanne Conway — Trump’s firebrand campaign manager and a special counselor to President Trump.

The professors field a conduct complaint that alleges that Kellyanne Conway “misused her position” by promoting Ivanka Trump’s fashion merchandise from the White House and misled the media.

Fifteen law professors from a variety of law schools including Georgetown, Fordham, Drexel, and Duke have signed onto the complaint that was filed February 20.

The complaint stated:

“We do not file this complaint lightly. We believe that, at one time, Ms. Conway, understood her ethical responsibilities as a lawyer and abided by them. But she is currently acting in a way that brings shame upon the legal profession. If Ms. Conway were not a lawyer and was ‘only’ engaging in politics, there would be few limits on her conduct outside of the political process itself.

She could say and do what she wished and still call herself a politician. But she is a lawyer. And her conduct, clearly intentionally violative of the rules that regulate her professional status, cries out for sanctioning by the DC Bar [sic].”

And John F. Banzhaf III, a law professor at George Washington University, told the Philly Voice that the complaint:

“seeks a remedy which appears to be unconstitutional because it would chill the freedom of speech of any political figure simply because he or she was a member of the bar and create an untenable double standard in which a tiny group of unelected officials could wreck someone’s livelihood.”

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According to the Philly Voice, Conway’s Washington, D.C., law license is suspended for nonpayment of bar dues. She still holds her New Jersey license.

Read the entire legal complaint here.

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