After years of Republicans continuously promising to repeal President Obama’s signature healthcare legislation, they finally appeared to have a significant opportunity after winning both chambers of Congress as well as the Presidency. However after Speaker Paul Ryan led closed door meetings in drafting a new bill, it ultimately failed to garner enough support to pass.

As a result of this shortcoming, it was never even brought to the floor for a vote. This was because as many as thirty Republican members of Congress were planning on voting against the replacement measure. Although a couple of these individuals were of the more moderate wing of the Republican Party, the majority of the opposition actually came from the more conservative members.

The House Freedom Caucus is an alliance of conservative Republican members of the House of Representatives. Chaired by North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows, despite having a minority of the Republican delegation they have been able to flex their muscles on a number of occasions.

Most notably, their presence has been largely attributed to John Boehner’s resignation as Speaker and from Congress. Additionally, their opposition to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy as Speaker largely led to him not taking over for Boehner. It was not until Paul Ryan garnered the support of each caucus, including the Freedom Caucus, that he became the next Speaker of the House.

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Many members, and allied conservatives believed the so called ACHA was largely reminiscent of President Obama’s measure that is already law. The alternative had been routinely called “Obamacare Lite” by critical conservatives.

One of the members of the House of Representatives who has opposed the bill is Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie. He took to Twitter last week voicing his displeasure for the bill as it stands.

As this opposition has been so effective, it has created many problems for Paul Ryan and President Trump. They now have to worry about getting enough support across the whole GOP, as all the members evidently will not be voting in lockstep. With this in mind Trump called out members of the House Freedom Caucus today on Twitter.

This certainly is not the first time Trump has challenged his political opponents on Twitter. Although for members of the caucus, they would likely argue that they are simply fulfilling their campaign promise, to actually repeal Obamacare, not simply replace it with more of the same. It is obviously not yet clear at this point if Trump will be looking to primary these members, or if his Tweet will have any impact.

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