Atlanta is known for being horrendous to drive in. On Thursday March 30, 2017 traffic in the congested city was forced to a screeching halt on I-85, one of Atlanta’s busiest highways. The northbound overpass burst out into flames causing the bridge to collapse, amazingly injuring no one.  The initial posts from news sites on Facebook started massive arguments. Commenters fought over whether or not the incident was caused by republicans. Blaming the event on faulty roads and claiming that Atlanta deserved it for voting for Trump.


Neither one of the statements are remotely true. As it turns out, multiple people have been arrested for causing the fire, which made the bridge collapse. So no Liberals, putting more money into I-85 would not have changed a thing. Second, Atlanta went blue this election cycle, easily debunking the baseless claim that crumbling infrastructure is a result of voting republican, or in this case for Trump.

Suspects Arrested in Arson

On Friday March 31, three individuals were arrested for setting fire to the bridge. The bond for one suspect has been set at $200,000. There has not been an explanation for why the bridge was set on fire or how it was done.

Scenarios like this highlight the political divide in our country. A potentially devastating event happens and instead of worrying about the individuals that could have been hurt people freak out about the political aspects of it. Sometimes we all need to step back and look at what is happening before going off on political tangents.

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