Inauguration Day is less than a month away, so how can you get prepared for January 20th and the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

Here are five tips in order to survive and enjoy inauguration day.

  1. Avoid Danger Zones

Nationwide there are inauguration day protests planned.  I happen to live a stone’s throw away from Portland Oregon where the post election protests resulted in over 1 million dollars of property damage, so you can bet that I plan on staying away from downtown Portland that day.  If you live in a big city center where protests are being planned make sure you are aware and careful.  I wouldn’t recommend charging into a crowd of anti Trump protesters wearing your Make America Great Again hat and your Hillary for Prison t-shirt.  But if you feel like attending some of the protests, be safe and remember to get plenty of good video footage.

2. Get together with friends

Find some like-minded friends to watch the festivities with.  This should be a day of celebration, not just for Trump supporters, but for anyone who worked on campaigns that were successful.  It was a long election road, so take the time to celebrate with your fellow political soldiers.

3. Get Your Social Media On

Like Tweet the event.  I am sure there will be plenty of great hashtags created for the event, so don’t let the haters dominate the entire conversations.  Some of you are the wittiest social media minds in the game, so go out there and get you tweet on.

4. Find a location

A friends place, a bar in friendly territory, or maybe even an organized watch party.  Location is key.  Make sure you find a place with a big enough tv that wont be too loud for you to hear.  Decide whether you want to watch the inauguration on a conservative friendly station like Fox or if it would be more fun to enjoy the schadenfreude of watching on MSNBC.

5. Enjoy the Show

Regardless of how you feel about President Elect Donald Trump, the inauguration promises to be anything but boring so enjoy.  Will Trump stick to his remarks or will he go off on his own? Who knows!  What will the shared limo ride with Presidents Obama and Trump be like?  Does The Wall get a mention during his speech? It is going to be fun to find out.

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