House and Senate Republicans in Iowa are proposing a comprehensive change in Iowa’s current gun legislation. It includes blocking cities, counties and the Iowa Board of Regents from restricting the use of fire arms. The three public universities in the state of Iowa, all currently prohibit guns on campus.

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The Iowa Board of Regents would no longer be able to declare public universities as “gun free zones.” Rep. Matt Windschitl (R) stated, the proposal is not to take away local governments discretion but to protect Iowa citizen’s second amendment rights as they travel from city to city or county to county.

The legislation also includes “stand your ground,” which would protect Iowa citizens who shot someone to defend themselves.

“We’ve seen in other states in the past, for example, where somebody is the victim of a home invasion,” said Snell with the Iowa Firearms Coalition. “And they unfortunately have to shoot the person, and then the family (of the convicted criminal) turns around and sues them. Even if they win — and they almost always do win, it’s not a question of that — it’s that now they have a $200,000 legal bill.”

The legislation includes other components such as lifelong permits to carry and allowing children to use handguns with adult supervision. The most controversial part of the legislation is restricting gun free zones on college campuses.

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