The mayor of South Bend Indiana Pete Buttigieg has enter the fray in hope of becoming the next chair of the Democratic National Committee.  The 34 year old Democrat and Navy Veteran declared his intentions to seek the position in a video.

Buttigieg is coming into a crowded field of contenders for the position of DNC chair. Labor Secretary Tom Perez and Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison are the current favorites for the job, but Jaime Harrison the South Carolina Democratic Party Chair, Sally Boynton Brown the Executive Director for the Idaho Democrats, and Raymond Buckley the Chair of the New Hampshire Democrats are also in the mix.

In the wake of electoral defeats that have left the Democratic Party’s with a severely diminished influence on all levels of government, the selection of a DNC Chair will signal the direction that the Democratic Party will be going in while they attempt to reverse their fortunes.

Buttigieg is an openly gay mayor of an city in Indiana as well as a Rhodes scholar and Afghanistan veteran. His entrance into the race could shake things up.  As a veteran and mayor of a blue collar community, Buttigieg could be a voice that bridges that some of the different factions vying for control of the remains of the Democratic Party.

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