Hollywood filmmaker, Michael Moore, has made a name for himself in liberal activism and in criticizing President Donald Trump.

On Twitter Tuesday, Moore blasted President Trump for his executive order reversing the Obama-era Clean Power Plan and blamed him for the start of human extinction.

President Trump signed the executive order at the Environmental Protection Agency Tuesday afternoon, which will unravel the climate change agenda plan put in place by former-President Barack Obama.

The signed executive order will revoke Obama’s Clean Power Plan — which put difficult emission compliance regulations into place thus running coal power plants out of business. The order will also allow gas leases on federal lands.

President Trump said:

“My administration is putting an end to the war on coal. I want to thank the miners. You know, my guys get enough thanks. These guys haven’t had enough thanks. They’ve had a hard time.”

Moore, among over environmental activists, believe the order will lead to dangerous consequences.

“These actions are an assault on American values and they endanger the health, safety and prosperity of every American,” said Tom Steyer, president of NexGen Climate, according to CNN. “Trump is deliberately destroying programs that create jobs and safeguards that protect our air and water, all for the sake of allowing corporate polluters to profit at our expense.”

This isn’t the first time Michael Moore has made melodramatic claims against President Trump. Mid-February, Moore took to Facebook to berate Trump supporters and the administration itself following a New York Times article that stated the Trump campaign had contact with Russian intelligence. Additionally, Moore demanded Trump step down and name Clinton president.

What do you think about Michael Moore’s environmental concerns? Does President Trump’s undoing of the Clean Power Plan warrant claims of human extinction? Let us know in the comments below!

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