With Obamacare coming up short this past week, it now appears that tax reform may be the next item on President Trump’s agenda. Throughout the campaign, tax reform and repealing Obamacare were some of the most important issues which Trump emphasized.

But what type of tax reform should be pursued? And in what ways should it take place? Certainly every conservative think tank has their own set of ideas about the best ways to pursue reform.

Trump economic advisor Stephen Moore has long been a huge advocate for reforming the system. With his prominent role to Trump, it is expected that he will play an influential role in how the new tax policies come to fruition.

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The late Milton Friedman certainly would have had some strong sentiments about how to best reform the system in its entirety. Although we obviously could not know what he thinks about our specific situation today, we can still look past at what he said in the past to figure out how he might have looked at it from his Chicago school of economic theory.

Be sure to watch the video of Friedman below, and let HYPELINE News know what you think about what he says in the comments!  

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