For all of us gun lovers out there national reciprocity has been a long time dream.  Currently individual states decide whether or not they choose to recognize the concealed carry licenses issued by other states.  Some gun friendly states recognize concealed carry permits from a large number of other states,  others only recognize permits from states that recognize their permits, still other less gun friendly states don’t recognize permits from any other states.

With a Republican congress and a commitment to strengthen the Second Amendment from the President elect it is possible that national recognition of state’s concealed carry permits could be possible.

Apparently a Congressman from North Caroline already has a bill ready to introduce.  Rep. Richard Hudson has a bill that would allow any American with a legal concealed carry permit in their state  to carry their gun in any other state.

This bill could offer a great opportunity for gun advocate to go on offense and score a big win for second amendment rights, as well as give the Republican’s in congress some pro-gun credentials.  Combine that with a more gun friendly Supreme Court  and it seems like the days ahead could be very promising for those who are second amendment supporters.

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