One of the most controversial measures undertaken by any state government over the last several years has certainly been North Carolina’s HB2. Critics of the measure argue amounts to an anti transgender bill as it requires individuals to use bathrooms and other public facilities which correspond to their sex assigned at birth.

With significant public outcry as a response to the bill, certain entities and organizations underwent boycotts of the state until HB2 is repealed. One of those who underwent the boycott was the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Despite having a number of schools located in North Carolina from the conference, the conference decided to boycott the state by not hosting conference events, championships, etc. within the state. They relocated ten conference events including a conference championship out of the state as a response to the law.

This was just one example of sports boycotting the state, another of which was the NBA which decided to relocate its all star game from Charlotte, North Carolina to New Orleans, Louisiana in response to the bill. These actions were undertaken in the hopes of bringing about change and forcing the state legislature to enact changes and repeal the law.

However it now appears that this boycott, at least that of the ACC is backfiring. North Carolina legislators have introduced a bill which would require public universities in the state to leave the conference if there is yet another boycott of the state. That would mean the University of North Carolina as well as North Carolina State University would have to look for another conference to join. It would be most likely given geographic details that they would join the Big Ten or SEC conferences.

Although the controversial law was actually repealed last week, there are still some who hope to take this measure to protect state interests moving forward. Although this still has a while to go before it would be signed into law, if it were to be it would certainly make conferences become much more deliberate in any boycotts undertaken.

(h/t LA Times)

What do you think of this measure? Is it a good bill to protect the state interests? Or were the boycotts important and effective to get HB2 repealed? Let HYPELINE News know what you think in the comments!

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