For modern day architecture in New York City and other major metropolitan areas throughout the United States and the world, the question regarding space is something which is always at the forefront. It is always struggle for architects and developers to figure out how to best design buildings to efficiently use the very scarce resource of square feet in the largest cities across the world.

Now it appears the Greek born architect Ioannis Oikonomou has developed a plan which could revolutionize the entire industry. The architect is the founder of Oiio Studio in Manhattan. He has stated that his new idea is to go “long instead of tall,” which can really change how the whole system is looked at.

This structure, if developed as it is designed, would run 4,000 feet long in Manhattan. He stated that rather than “bend our structure instead of bending the zones rules in New York.” This is something which would absolutely change this whole system and would completely change how building and development is approached.

This type of design absolutely has the potential to continue to change it to change the approach of luxury real estate. The bend is something which has never been tried to this type of extent which has been made.

(Photo credit: Oiio studio)
(Photo credit: Oiio studio)

Although this idea is intriguing, it is unlikely to be developed. But one day, there is a chance that this type of development could become commonplace. Regardless of its practical implication, it will be absolutely important for these types of changes to be made going into the future.

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