America’s college students are trapped in a ‘Game of Loans’ due to the rising costs of college. As tuition increases, more politicians are campaigning with promises to increase federal aid and spending on higher education. However, our federal government already gives billions of dollars in taxpayer aid to universities. But, where exactly is that money going?

In a recent study conducted by tax watchdogs, Open The Books, it was revealed that private Ivy League schools received over $30 billion in taxpayer assistance from 2010-2014. That equals about $102,000 per student. That seems like a lot compared to their public university counterparts who only received about $15,000 per student.

The $30 billion figure is even harder to swallow if we include the $117 billion in endowments collected by the Ivy League schools over that same time that could cover tuition for each student in attendance.

So, how are these Ivy League welfare queens spending your tax dollars?  At Harvard University, $3 million of that $30 billion was given to find out if you can smell asparagus pee. You can figure out the answer yourself for about $5 at your local grocery store.

A smaller chunk of that $30 billion went to Dartmouth College to create a video game where the user’s goal is to fire as many employees as possible. It was supposed to be some kind of reflection on the recent recession.

Here’s how students at one public university felt about the private Ivy League schools receiving $30 billion in federal assistance:

Perhaps before we start calling for the increase in spending on higher education, we might want to reign in the Ivy League welfare queens and eliminate the waste we already have. Tell Hypeline News what you think!







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