Syrian’s controversial leader President Bashar al-Assad is facing international pressure after suspected chemical attack earlier this week that left dozens dead.

“Bashar al-Assad must never use chemical weapons again, ever,” Haley said in remarks at the U.N. the day after President Donald Trump ordered a strike on a Syrian airfield in retaliation for the chemical attack.

“The United States will not stand by when chemical weapons are used.”

“We are prepared to do more,” Haley continued. “But we hope that will not be necessary. It is time for all civilized nations to stop the horrors that are taking place in Syria and demand a political solution.”

Haley called the airstrike “a very measured step” that the U.S. was “justified” in taking.

“Every time Assad has crossed the line of human decency, Russia has stood beside him,” she said, adding that Assad carried out the attack “because he thought he could get away with it.”

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Haley also cited that Iran is complicit for supporting the regime and that Russia must “reconsider its misplaced alliance with Bashar al-Assad.”

“The United States will no longer wait for Assad to use weapons without any consequences,” she said. “Those days are over.”

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