Throughout the last 225 years of this country, the Bill of Rights have provided a constant outline for the defense of the unalienable rights of all Americans. But in recent years, there seems to have been an increased attack on various aspects of the first ten Amendments to our Constitution.

With constant threats to the 2nd Amendment via certain measures taken in the name of gun control, the 4th Amendment via the PATRIOT Act and NSA Surveillance, or the countless other examples of which the rights of Americans have been put under threat.

In order to defend these unalienable rights within the federal government, there is certainly a need to have individuals who are willing to put their political careers on the line in defense of these. Perhaps the most staunch defender of these rights, across the board in the Senate has been Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Because of this strong record, as well as willingness to break away from his Party when he believes they break away from the principles which they claim to stand for. Most notably, this has occurred during Senator Paul’s filibuster about privacy, which he has claimed was under threat by the PATRIOT and USA Freedom Acts.

Paul wrote an op ed on the 225th anniversary of the Bill of Rights for Breitbart. He very simply and accurately summarize what it is that the Bill of Rights represents.

“said we could speak our minds, worship freely, defend ourselves, be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures, and expect to be treated fairly if accused of a crime.”

The Kentucky Senators adds,

“In contrast to almost all of the legislation Congress passes today, the Bill of Rights is full of language such as ‘Congress shall make no law’ and ‘The right of the people… shall not be violated,'” Paul adds regarding the purpose of the Bill or Rights in its entirety, “We have the Bill of Rights precisely because the Founding Fathers knew government can’t resist stretching its limits.  Much like Benjamin Franklin’s reported statement that we had a Republic if we could “keep it,” the Bill of Rights relies on the people holding government accountable.

When some in government say ‘of course we can,’ you and I are supposed to use the Bill of Rights to say, ‘No, you can’t.'”

Read Senator Paul’s full op ed here on Breitbart.

This is certainly a strong defense of the values which the United States was founded upon. What do you think? Let HYPELINE know in the comments!

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