All across the nation in major cities, Santas will be suiting up to partake in the worldwide SantaCon holiday pub crawl!

According to

A SantaCon is simply a gathering of people dressed as Santa and if it’s open to the public we’ll list it here on

The annual — often inebriated — gatherings of people dressed as Santa Claus as they go barhopping will be held in 380 cities in the United States and 51 countries, according to

The site, which claims itself to be the one authority on the event, lists activities around the US as well as around the world. It even offers discounts at Party City for costumes to partake in the event.

However, not everything appears to be entirely jolly as some pub and bar owners as well as officials across the country are preparing for a lot of disorderly conduct from the excited Santas. Previous events ended with complaints of drunken and disorderly behavior, public urination and arrests.

Norman Siegel, the New York lawyer who represents SantaCon, acknowledged that in the past the festival in the city had been marred by drunken incidents but this year organizers are aiming for no, or very few arrests or summons. Whether or not the people who participate in the event decide to not be as rowdy as their reputation precedes them, is to be seen.

“We have established a cooperative, working relationship with the New York Police Department, which is very positive,” he said in an interview. There has been an affirmative attempt to try to realistically and substantially ameliorate those negative images of SantaCon, yet to maintain the spontaneity, creativity and fun.”

It is estimated that there will be up to tens of thousands of Santas across the country.

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