With the confirmation hearings being well underway for Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, there have been numerous questions at hand regarding what is to come from these hearings.

With the Republicans having a slim majority in the Senate, at least eight or so Democrats will be required to confirm Gorsuch without having to manipulate the rules. If they cannot get him passed, Senate leadership can use the “nuclear option” which will ultimately allow for them to pass him just about regardless of anything the Democrats try to do.

However, should this option be taken, it certainly will tell a different story about Gorsuch and how he should be viewed. Rather than as the federal judge who was approved unanimously to his current post, he could be viewed as a polarizing justice who represents major issues with the politicization of the Supreme Court.

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Many have argued that he should be confirmed unanimously to the High Court, as his qualifications are almost universally believed to be impeccable. Nonetheless, though, the Democrats in the Senate have taken major issues with his confirmation. Their issue seems to stem more from how the Republicans had previously treated Obama nominee Merrick Garland, rather than anything about Gorsuch’s own qualifications.

In response to these attacks, Gorsuch has attempted to portray himself as a consensus maker. The vast majority of his opinions, well over 90% have been ruled unanimously. He has tried to argue that his appointment should not be subject to the same political scrutiny as other aspects.

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Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse has been one who has routinely been willing to speak out against his own party. He was a “Never Trump” conservative throughout the entirety of the Presidential campaign.

He has called on Democrats to confirm Gorsuch, as he does not seem to understand the issues with his nomination. He has argued that with such a strong record, he should absolutely be confirmed by 100-0, as he should not be considered a polarizing candidate.

Be sure to watch Senator Sasse’s whole interview on Fox News.

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