Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the Ohio State University is openly threatening students who attend a trip to Israel-and some are promising to impeach any student senators who don’t support their cause.

SJP is hosting an event called “But, I am Palestinian” on December 1, in response to students attending free trips to Israel, with the most prominent one being the David Project, which “increases pro-Israel sentiment on campus by engaging Jewish and non-Jewish students and their communities with Israel” according to the group’s website.

The description for the SJP event directly addresses attendees on the David Project:

We understand, that the David Project who has recruited you, might have framed it in a different manner, but to put it simply it is not what they told you it will be. It’s on you, to come listen to our narrative and our perspective, before you embark on this trip over winter break.


SJP promises to track and record who does and does not attend the event, writing,
“We hope to see you there, and we are aware of all who are attending this trip, and if you do not come hear our perspective, you have no right in representing us. We are tired of being silenced” (emphasis added).

Yousef Yacoub, a student senator at Ohio State, threatened as well to track which student senators attend the event and to attempt to impeach any student that does not attend.

Writing on his Facebook page, Yacoub said

“S/O to all of you senators, directors, and members of senior staff who marked that you are “interested” lol. I see you, and I promise you that if you go on this trip without hearing our voices, I will take action. At the first General Assembly of next semester, I will bring forth a resolution for all of your impeachments.”

“I don’t care if I considered you a friend before this, if you don’t recognize and respect the struggle of my people, I simply will not respect you” Yacoub said.


In an extended comment exchange with a fellow student who accused Yacoub of going too far in targeting student senators that don’t go to the event, Yacoub said the student could not relate to being Palestinian because she was a white and in a sorority.


On Saturday, November 19, Yacoub promised to impeach two unnamed student senators and promised to accuse them of harassment and then blamed  the whole situation on the election of Trump, writing, “I never thought a progressive University like Ohio State would be impacted by Trump.”


Buckeyes for Israel declined to comment.

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