During Week 9 of this year’s college football season there were a number of matchups between great teams which would prove to have a profound impact on the end result of the season. Despite a plethora of games between ranked opponents, there is really only one which will likely have a major impact on the season.

Nebraska went up against Wisconsin in Madison, where the lower ranked Wisconsin Badgers came out on top. Although this certainly will have an impact down the road, with Nebraska losing on the road 23-17, the impact has been nearly completely minimized. Depending on how the remainder of the Big Ten schedule goes, either school may potentially be able to find its way into the College Football Playoff. Of course, either school making it would likely only come by winning out as well as having a few of the higher seeded teams fall.

  1. Alabama
  2. Michigan
  3. Clemson
  4. Washington
  5. Ohio State
  6. Louisville
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Texas A&M
  9. Nebraska
  10. Florida
  11. Oklahoma
  12. Baylor
  13. West Virginia
  14. LSU
  15. Auburn
  16. Western Michigan
  17. Utah
  18. North Carolina
  19. Penn State
  20. Florida State
  21. Colorado
  22. Virginia Tech
  23. Boise State
  24. Oklahoma State
  25. San Diego State

This upcoming week provides for some of the top schools to continue to add to their résumé. Michigan, Texas A&M, Clemson, Wisconsin, Washington all have battles against unranked opponents.

The key games to watch for Week 10 include Nebraska traveling to Ohio State for yet another extremely difficult Big Ten Conference game on the road, also, Alabama has a chance to make a statement against the 5-2 LSU Tigers. LSU is currently 3-1 in SEC conference play, a victory against their rival Alabama would be a game changer for this season. A win would definitely jump LSU up a few ranks from their currently held number 14 position.

As the season begins to come to the home stretch, any given game on each and every Saturday can have a profound impact on how the season in viewed as a whole. Especially for those schools that are in the top few spots, the pressure could not be greater. But the microscope extends past just those who are within one, or two, or three spots of making it to the Playoff, any schools hovering around the top dozen or so have a foreseeable path to potentially become 2017 NCAA Football Champions.

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