Netflix has been taking liberties with its output of new and original content, and the public– and market– are responding.

While investors worried that the streaming service providers and creators of Orange is the New Black and House of Cards wouldn’t see the payoff in original programming, Netflix has proven their ability to whip subscribers into a craze once more with the newest Netflix original TV series, Stranger Things.

Courtesy of Netflix

After a massive user bump of 370,000 subscribers, Netflix stock (NFLX) skyrocketed following the earnings news release, mostly attributed to the success of Stranger Things and the well received second season of Narcos. Stock in after hours trading was up 20% over the course of Monday and Tuesday in altogether favorable markets.

Though investors are on edge, as Netflix seemingly spends more money on programming than TV rivals such as HBO and CBS (the service has a $6 million dollar budget for original content alone next year), viewers only hope this means the production of binge-watches as enthralling and original as the retro-supernatural thriller, Stranger Things.

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