Most of the time, a competition between even the worst NFL team and the best College Football team would end in a blowout with the NFL team on top. But with the Cleveland Browns already 0-4, seeming to have any winnable games on their schedule, and not having had a winning season since 2007, residents of Ohio seem to have a different idea.

In a new poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, 62% believe the Buckeyes would come out victorious, and only 23% believe it would actually be the Brows who win. Despite the fantastic season, which has earned them 2nd place in the most recent HYPELINE rankings, one would think it still would be highly unlikely for the Buckeyes to win.

Nonetheless, it certainly says something about the state of the Cleveland Browns that their own fans in the state of Ohio would expect them to lose against a team of amateurs.

Interestingly, in the same survey the polling service polled about the Presidential race. They concluded that Clinton was up by 1%, a margin much smaller than involving the football poll. At least one thing unites the perennial swing state, that their professional football team is horrible (at least the one in Cleveland is).

Also polled was popularity of specific figures in the state. Coming in first was Cleveland Cavalier’s star Lebron James, who is viewed favorably by 60% of respondents and only viewed unfavorably by 18%. Coming in second was The Ohio State University football coach, Urban Meyer who is viewed positively by 55% and negatively by 7%.

Somewhat surprisingly there were extreme divisions about James based upon who voters support for President. Those who support Hillary Clinton have a favorability of James at 77/8, while those supporting Trump only have a favorability rating at 45/29.

These responses may come as a surprise to many, although they should not be shocking. Last week, the NBA superstar endorsed the campaign of Hillary Clinton for President. It is interesting how this endorsement may have had a massive impact on the division of how James is viewed.

(h/t Public Policy Polling)

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