Former Heisman Trophy winner, NCAA Champion, and NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow has made a name for himself his whole career based on his talent on the field and his faith off the field. He wrote Bible verses on his eye black and popularized “Tebowing,” he seemed to be always in the news throughout his football career.

This summer, Tebow found himself in the news once again. He decided that he wanted to make a comeback to professional sports, but this time in a pursuit to play Major League Baseball. Although the reception he received was very different dependent upon the scout, he did have a tryout in which 28 of the 30 teams in the MLB were present.

Since this decision, he has been signed by the New York Mets, and even hit a Home Run on the very first pitch he saw. Now, after his first game in the Arizona Fall League, it appears that he may have literally saved the life of a fan who was having a seizure.

According to witnesses, it appears that while Tebow was signing autographs, a fan was having a seizure and was unable to breathe. In response, the former Quarterback laid his hands over the fan and offered a prayer. Almost immeidiatelty, the victim was able to regain his breath.

this is not the first time Tebow has found himself in a situation like this. On a plan ride from Atlanta, Georgia to Phoenix, Arizona, witnesses claimed an elderly man went unconscious and his heart stopped functioning.

Reports suggest that personnel and other passengers had attempted numerous times to save the man and to help him regain his ability to breathe. However, Tebow came over and prayed over the man, surrounded by his family who was sobbing on his shoulder. Upon landing after the prayers led by Tebow, the man regained consciousness. This situation was documented in a Facebook post written by a passenger who was sitting in the vacuity on the same flight.

Jeffery Cook, a reporter for ABC News was also able to confirm the incident on the flight with individuals connected with Tebow as well as with Delta Airlines officials. One can only imagine what is possible for the football star turned baseball player. Both these stories only add to the many stories of Tebow.

Did Tebow help to save the life’s of both these men? Could his prayers have helped them return to consciousness? Let HYPELINE know in the comments!

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