On a recently released list of the top 40 worst colleges for Jewish students, California led the rankings with nine campuses.

The Algemeiner assembled the rankings according to “the number of anti-Israel groups, and the extent to which they are active” at their respective colleges and also “anti-Semitic incidents on each campus”.

After compiling data including but not limited to “the Jewish student population, and the number of Jewish or pro-Israel groups” and taking into account the relationships between Jewish groups the school’s administration, The Algemeiner’s list concluded that California’s schools can be determined to be “anti-Semitic”.

Next to California was anther left leaning state, New York, which provided three schools for the rankings (two of which were in the top 3).  Columbia which was one of the three was found to be the most anti-Semitic campus in the country, through The Algemeiner’s  research.

Other top Universities such as Ohio University, DePaul, and Georgetown cracked the list of the 40 most anti-Semitic campuses for Jewish Students.

(h/t Campus Reform and The Algemeiner’s)

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