It is important to keep up with who is making decisions on your behalf in the United States’ Congress. Unfortunately, most Millennials don’t keep up with such things. Yet, we DO keep up with Netflix, especially shows like Parks and Rec.

Thankfully, the two don’t have to be separate. To get to know our current Congress a little bit more, here’s just a few Republican members alongside their Parks and Rec counterparts.

Blackburn: Kris Connor/Getty Images - Knope: The Mary Sue
Blackburn: Kris Connor/Getty Images – Knope: The Mary Sue

Representative Marsha Blackburn – Leslie Knope

Marsha Blackburn represents Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Passionate, perky, a woman with ambition-she’s essentially Leslie Knope with better politics. Similar to Knope, Blackburn believes in hard work, and has fought to be able to reach the position she currently holds; she broke the glass ceiling as the first woman in Tennessee to be elected to Congress without her husband being elected first.

Paul: WatchDog - Swanson: Goliath
Paul: WatchDog – Swanson: Goliath

Senator Rand Paul – Ron Swanson

“Big Government Sucks!” You’d find Rand Paul, the Senator from Kentucky and a 2016 presidential candidate, and Ron Swanson both yelling this motto as loudly as possible. Much like the beloved Parks and Rec Libertarian, Senator Paul is a staunch advocate for limited government. A proponent of the Tea Party movement, Paul is for a balanced budget, term limits, and the Constitution ACTUALLY being honored and upheld by our governing bodies.

Ryan: POLITICO – Traeger: Quotesgram

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan – Chris Traeger

Upbeat, fit, youthful. The parallels between Chris Traeger and Paul Ryan, the Representative for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District and Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, are enjoyable to make. Everything is great! We will work together! We will make this country better! They both have a positive outlook on life and are on the move to improve things.

Cruz: The New York Times - Wyatt: Tumblr
Cruz: The New York Times – Wyatt: Tumblr

Senator Ted Cruz – Ben Wyatt

Both tell-it-like-it-is men, Ben Wyatt and Ted Cruz, the Senator from Texas and a frontrunning 2016 presidential candidate, are politically passionate and not afraid to speak the truth. Behind the scenes, the similarities continue. They both have their nerdy cinematic obsessions, whether it’s Cruz and The Princess Bride or Wyatt and Game of Thrones, love their wives and families wholeheartedly, and enjoy a good laugh. They’re driven, focused, and in pursuit of their goals.

Noem: Washington Times - Perkins:
Noem: Washington Times – Perkins:

Representative Kristi Noem – Ann Perkins

Convinced a woman can do whatever she puts her mind to, Ann Perkins and Kristi Noem, the lone U.S. Representative from South Dakota, share the same sort of drive. Noem is committed to making sure a woman’s voice gets brought to the table and not simply letting the left think they have the market cornered on women in politics. Noem and Perkins are both hardworking, love those in their lives, and are focused on making a difference in the world.


Representative Elise Stefanik – April Ludgate

Young, bright, driven, and slightly sarcastic, April Ludgate would have a friend in Elise Stefanik, the Representative from New York’s 21st Congressional District. Stefanik is the youngest woman to ever be elected to Congress, launching her first campaign at the age of 29.

McCain: Mother Jones - Gergich: Buzzfeed
McCain: Mother Jones – Gergich: Buzzfeed

Senator John McCain – Jerry Gergich

Finally, no group of people would be complete without the one hanging around, screwing things up. Just like Jerry can’t quite manage to complete his normal day-to-day tasks at work, John McCain, the Senator from Arizona, can’t seem to manage to work to limit government or uphold the Constitution. Both should probably retire.

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