Since the Republican plan to replace Obamacare has been replaced, there has been an expected, substantial partisan divide in regards to the vote. On one hand most Republicans seem to be supportive, whereas virtually all Democrats have spoken out against the change.

With this divide though, the real interest might be coming from the right leaning Republicans in the Senate and House who are currently opposing the bill as written. For many of these members of Congress, they take issue with it as written, arguing that it amounts to a so called “Obamacare Lite.” The argument made is this would not substantially change the system, more or less being an extension of President Obama’s landmark legislation.

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As these individuals continue to evaluate potential changes though, it appears that the vote on the measure has been delayed. With so much uncertainty, it is not yet clear if it would be able to pass as it has existed. For Republicans, there are competing groups pushing for both the measure as it stands and a more conservative measure.

For example, the Koch Brothers have promised to not support any Republicans who vote for this bill as it stands. However, President Trump and Republican leadership has made it seem as if support from the Republican Party will be minimized for any member who votes against the measure as it stands.

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It has been reported that at 7 pm Eastern the House Republican leadership will be hosting a meeting to determine their path forward and what will be undertaken. For virtually every Republican, repealing Obamacare has been a signature campaign promise since it was originally passed in 2010. Now what repealing means, is something which has now been hotly debated and contested.

Are member breaking a promise to vote by voting for the so called “Obamacare Lite?” Or are members breaking their promise if they vote a bill which does not completely repeal the whole legislation?

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