It is no secret that American universities have largely become an extremely hostile environment towards those who are supportive of President-elect Donald Trump over the last several months and prior. Much has been made of schools embracing “safe spaces,” “free speech zones,” as well as other policies which virtually makes exposure to dissenting opinions impossible.

Fortunately, there have been some administrations at specific schools which have assured that free speech is a policy on campus, in the name of promoting the free exchange of ideas. For example, the University of Chicago recently reaffirmed their support of the principles of the First Amendment, saying that “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” would not be found on campus.

As a result of these policies, the University of Chicago invited incoming White House Press Secretary under the Trump Administration, Sean Spicer. The highly acclaimed school’s “Institute of Politics” consistently brings in prominent speakers from across the political spectrum to speak to the student body and members of the public. This week alone, they will be hosting Spicer and CIA Director John Brennan.

Despite the school’s strong free speech policy, some students on campus have spoken out against Spicer. They have argued that by inviting an individual who has supported the President-elect, Donald Trump’s Presidency is becoming “normalized.”

Watch below as Tucker Carlson of Fox News discusses the situation with a University of Chicago student who has been a leader in the resistance to Spicer’s appearance.

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