Reporter Yuval King of Israel’s Channel 1 News takes us inside a truly horrifying performance led by the Islamic Jihad movement involving kindergarten children in Gaza.

The kindergartners are seen dressed in military gear with toy rifles and appear to be “invading” what appears to be a staged Israeli (IDF) base as well as pretending to fire mortar shells, lay explosives, and shoot other children pretending to be Israeli soldiers.


BBC reports that the Islamic Jihad group also known as PIJ is very similar to Hamas and other Islamist organizations who believe the “Arab-Israeli conflict will only be resolved through armed confrontation”.

Reportedly Palestinians have “celebrated Jihad violence visited on Israel” on the streets while what is left of the Palestinian Authority has singularly failed to clamp down on the jihadist group.


Why hasn’t the UN passed a resolution condemning this behavior? Why is Israel being condemned on the global stage while stories like this go ignored by the Obama administration?

One thing is certain, this historic conflict is not going away anytime soon.

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