During an 11-hour confirmation hearing of Justice Neil Gorsuch Monday, Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse lit up the room after reading a text from his wife.

Following a tough thread of questions regarding workers rights and safety from Sen. Al Franken, Sasse took a different approach. Instead of continuing the interrogation, Sasse added some lighthearted humor to the hearing.

Sasse read from his phone to Gorsuch,

“My wife also sent me a text a little bit ago and said — and I’m sure she didn’t expect me to read it, but — ‘How in the world is Gorsuch able to go so many hours at a time without peeing?’”

As the tension was broken, the room erupted in laughter, including Gorsuch.

Sasse continued,

“I won’t make you answer, but the SCOTUS bladder is something the whole country stands in awe of.”

“Boy, I don’t even know what to say now, you really caught me off guard there,” Gorsuch said.

This side is nothing new for the senator, who is popular for his often humorous and witty Twitter account. This moment was a much needed change of pace for Gorsuch, who said the confirmation process has had a deep effect on his family.


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