Once again, the alternative right (commonly known as alt-right) movement has reared its ugly head.

The National Policy Institute held a conference in celebration of Trump’s victory. Richard Spencer, an open white nationalist, gave closing remarks that were packed with white supremacist rhetoric. Caught on video, he is quoted as saying,

“Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!”

These remarks were met by the crowd with immense amounts of cheering and Nazi salutes.

Thankfully, Trump came out shortly afterward disavowing himself from this specific occurrence and the alt-right itself:

“I don’t want to energize the group, and I disavow the group…It’s not a group I want to energize, and if they are energized, I want to look into it and find out why.”

This is not the first such occurrence. The alt-right, known for rampant racism and anti-Semitism, has been energized for Donald Trump this entire election cycle. Although they were a small fraction of Donald Trump’s voter base, alt-righters have been loud about their support, giving major media outlets a way to distract from the candidate’s actual message and push the white nationalist and racist statements from these supporters as a depiction of the candidate they were behind.

A clear cut example is the endorsement of Donald Trump from The Crusader, the official publication of the Ku Klux Klan. The Trump campaign quickly rejected this endorsement, and in a statement to CNN, said,

“Mr. Trump and the campaign denounces hate in any form. This publication is repulsive and their views do not represent the tens of millions of Americans who are uniting behind our campaign.”

Clearly, the headlines based around alt-right lunacy and their support for Donald Trump did not deter the commonsense voter from the polls. Yet, this movement continues to cause damage to the name of the political right, to conservatism, and to the Republican Party.

PC: The Blaze

To the alt-right, I have just one thing to say: quit making fools of yourselves, and in the process, hurting the rest of us.  

If the alt-right had their way, the American political system would be burned to the ground in a blazing show of statism. They would trade liberty for statism, freedom of thought for censorship, and beautiful diversity for a twisted nationalistic uniformity. This is not representative of the true political right, and should be abhorrent to any soul who dares call themselves a conservative or a Republican.

Fellow conservatives, fellow Republicans, clearly, the alt-right is not going to shut up and sit down anytime soon. They have the right to speak their piece, but it is our task to stand up and make it abundantly clear that we are NOT with them, that the movement is based around racism and foolish nationalism, not true patriotism or Constitutionalism.

The concept of this movement being the ‘alternative right’ is, in itself, misleading. It makes it seem that they are just taking the same concepts of the political right and running a little bit further with them. This is far from the truth, and it is up to us, the true representatives of the right who have our heads firmly on our shoulders, to speak up and point that fact out.

Let’s quit letting the media pretend that alt-righters are what people on the right are like and start making it loud and clear who we actually are.


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  1. IMHO, this is a well written piece that sets a stage for potential rephrasing of ‘alt-right’. Would you kindly consider using diabolic left (dia-left) in future posts?

    • call them the white-pagan, or the new-white-pagan movement. dont just separate them from republicans and distance them from conservatism, also completely severe any connection between them and the judeo-christian ethic. jews have muslims and leftists who hate them, they do not need christians to be reswept into a christian anti-semitic theology.

  2. I posted a link to Jewish women being inducted as a civil court judge and in response someone posted a clip of richard spencer leading the nazi salute. These people claim to be right of carl marx but all the isms from the past 2 centuries including islamism have a shared ideological foundation based in marxism. The new-pagan-white are against christianity, not just judaism and islam. They are not against socialism or fascism which are all based in marxism. This was my response to the post:

    How sad! This woman is a first generation American. Her mothers father survived Siberian labors camps, her mothers father survived Aushwitz, they escaped communist Hungary and when they had nowhere to go America opened its doors. Her Fathers father died in the Hoocaust her fathers mother survived bc her husband first hid her in a sanitation camp before he died and he hid their son in a beligian convent as an altar boy, lucky his mother survived to come get him when the war was over. America was not created by white men for white men, it was created for religious refugees fleeing a tyrannical king, more than half the early settlers died, but they knew this would be the outcome and risked it for liberty and equality for all. Thomas Jefferson who owned slaves, he himself realised the evil and created laws to set in motion the ultimate abolishment. George Washington sent a letter to the Jews reassuring them of physical protection and religious freedom. Germany, Russia, Poland, Hungary, France, Italy, ect. these were coutnries and societies based on race and class- go back there if you want to reject the dream your ancestors held when they risked everything to come to America, or live as a bigot like the constitution protects your right to be- but dont reinvent history- you are only insluting yourself. And remember this- what goes around comes around, today you look to conquer others, when you are weak and vulnerable- who will be there to protect you and your rights?

    Also- please note that Donald Trumps grandchildren are greatgrandchildren of holocaust survivors, his most instrumental advisor Jared Kushner is the grandson of Holocaust survivors- so it is an ironic reference of Trump to Hitler… but if that is how you strongly feel go take the five of you who saluted and march up to Trump on his inaguration day and salute the heil hitler/heil trump/ heil our people salute right there in front of him then spit on his son in law, his daughter and his grandchildren to make sure your message is clear. Then go over and spit on Diamond and Silk and Amorosa, 3 black women who helped bring out the black vote that was an important part of his victory as well, then go spit on Dr. Ben Carson, he is also black and he helped get Trump elected and he will be serving on his cabinet. The same to his asian secretary of transportation and Marco Rubio and Ted Crus who endorsed him despite having been previously competitors of his and having been instrumental in getting him the historis latino vote, especially from amongst the cubans, and make sure to double spit on congressman sean duffy and his wife, he had the audacity as a white man to marry a spanish woman, they too campaigned for him- but she is both spanish and mexican, so maybe give an extra heil hitler for her. Then just to make sure the catholics, lutherans, baptists and mormans know how you feel about their political ideology take out wooden crosses and burn them and say fuck Jesus! fuck christ! make pagan idol worship great again! If Trump is really the leader you preteded and made him out to be then he will embrace you and hug you, especially when you pin a yellow star onto his grandchildren’s coats. That will make him real proud! Go do it.

    The first governor of Plymouth foundation wrote his diary in Hebrew- the Jewish language, and the early christian missionaries cared about the survival and the culture of the Indian tribes. They shared with each other, and they most cared, and then most celebrated when they convinced the Indians to abolish human sacrifice, and the first settlers and presidents made treaties with the Indians and when Andrew Jackson violated those treaties the early conservatives fought hard against the democrat party to prevent them from this egregious human rights violation. If your vision of the US is to bring back the KKK, pagan idol worship, human sacrifice, white men raping black women, violating treaties and killing people for political expediency- thats your choice but be honest, you have nothing in common with president Trump, no place in the republican party, you are not the alt right you are the new aryan race neo-nazi party. Trump is not a nazi, has nothing in common with your ideology- go attach your garbage to John Kerry he hates jews, and to Joe Biden- he has said horrible things about blacks, so has Hillary Clinton- trump has been the blacks best advocate so there is no home for you with him. go join planned parenthood and make celebrations honoring marageret sanger, post notices on top of each facility- eugenics plan reignited, be open and honest about how evil you are, but take a look at history before you fully commit to this path. It didnt work well for the nazis of yesteryear- but hey Bernie wants to try socialism and Jill stein wants to try out communism, they cant complain that you want to retry nazism and fascism.


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