10 Cringe worthy feminist fails of 2016

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Lets be real here, the true definition of feminism has been lost. 1st wave feminism was supported by republicans, opposed by democrats, gave women the right to vote, own property, and eliminated the double standards so women could live up to the same potential as men. The historical feminism continued to a 2nd wave bringing the equal pay act of 1963 and the national organization for women. Both 1st wave and 2nd wave goals were achieved, but then came a third wave… 3rd wave feminism, also known as modern feminism has brought on the belief of stereotypes, media depictions and the belief of false entitlements.*Newsflash ladies, you don’t need the government to succeed.*  So, with the year coming to an end let’s reminisce on the top feminist fails of 2016

1. The women card

In case you didn’t already hear the term enough in 2016, Hillary Clinton actually made her supporters an official “Women Card”. Perks of being a card holder: Absolutely nothing!

2. The scale destruction movement

Because breaking your scale obviously makes you weightless, right?

3. Milo Protest

Feminist were outraged by Milo Yiannopoulos’s remarks on modern feminism. Trigger warning! This video speaks for its self.

4. Ghostbusters movie

The so called “Feminism victory” because of women cast members was nothing but a box office failure.

5. RNC protest

Over 100 women carrying mirrors protested naked ahead of the Republican National Convention in attempt to “Shine the light and power of women” into the convention.

6. Glitter Pits

Growing out your armpit hair and throwing on some glitter empowered some women in 2016. Nothing screams equality like this one…

7. #ShoutOutYourAbortion

Possibly the worst of them all, this insensitive social media campaign was a attempt get rid of the negativity of abortion.

8. Free the nipple

Yes this actually exist… Women across the country freed the nipple to end male objectification, and if that’s not bad enough, they’re even making a film about it.

9.  Free bleed Movement


The name is self explanatory, if you have to look this one up, I apologies in advanced.

10. “Baby it’s cold out side” song

Finally, just before Christmas, feminist have made claims that this song is about date rape after years of it being popular… You heard that right. So, the feminist approved version was made…



Now with the new year just around the corner, we can sit back, relax, and let the 2017 feminist fails roll in!

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