10 websites every college student should know about

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It’s a new year and you have the opportunity to have the best semester yet. To do this, you must equip yourself with the right tools to help you succeed. Here are 10 websites that will help you get the grades you want this semester.

1. Chegg

When buying textbooks, try to avoid your campus bookstore if possible; prices can be ridiculously inflated. Instead, look at websites such as Chegg where you can rent and buy textbooks for up to 90% off retail prices.

2. Mint

It can be easy for your bank account to drain quickly during the semester whether you’re spending too much on food, coffee, or clothes. Mint makes it easier to stay on top of your finances and stress less during the semester.

3. Prezi

Prezi has a wide variety of presentation designs that will be sure to impress your audience. Whether it’s for a business meeting or class project, you can create presentations to suit your specific occasions. This site makes it easy to design and is appealing to the eye.

4. Google Scholar

Need scholarly sources for your term papers? Google Scholar makes it easy to search and find scholarly work on the topics that you need while filtering out non-credible sources.

5. Quizlet

Flashcards cost money and can take a lot of time to prep. Quizlet is an online tool which allows you to create a set of flashcards and creates practice tests and games with your set, making studying a little more bearable.

6. Rate my Professor

Getting good professors in college is everything. Before signing up for classes, research professors by going to Rate My Professor. On this site you can find reviews and ratings from students who have taken a class with that professor.

7. Citation Machine

Citations for papers can be difficult to conduct. However with Citation Machine, you can enter information from the work that you are citing and the site will generate a citation for you! You can choose to generate citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, and more styles.

8. Amazon Student

On Amazon Student, you will receive a 6-month trial with free 2-day shipping, streaming to movies and TV shows, as well as many other deals and benefits. This is the ultimate package for students.

9. Audible

If you have a ridiculous amount of reading to do, try listening to it instead. This will allow you to multitask and give your eyes a break.

10. TED

It’s easy to get discouraged during the semester. If you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration, TED offers videos from a wide variety of speakers that are guaranteed to get you encouraged and are much more educational than Netflix.

Set yourself up for success this year by using these websites; they will help you prosper and reach your academic goals!

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