2017 Superbowl predictions

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It has been a grueling 2016-17 season this year in the NFL. Last year’s champions, the Denver Broncos, and their challengers the Carolina Panthers, did not even make the playoffs this year.

So now that we are down to 8 elite football teams remaining here is my analysis and eventual picks for the 2017 Superbowl.

Here is a perennial picker on youtube for some fun:

Pittsburg, Seattle, Houston, and Green bay all won big during the weekend’s wild card games.  Now it will be time to see what they are made of as they travel for the divisional games this weekend.  So let’s break down these matchups.

Seattle takes on the Atlanta Falcons next week.

I’m with Las Vegas on this one, I think Atlanta’s high powered offense has the firepower to outscore the Seahawks.

New England versus Houston Texans.  Even though Texas could have the Superbowl in their hometown, I foresee the playoff experienced Patriots stomping Houston.

Pittsburgh Steelers versus Kansas City Chiefs.

This is a great matchup with Alex Smith’s Chiefs and their defense having a lot on their plate with Big Ben and the Steelers at home.  My pick in a close game: Pittsburgh.

Green Bay versus Dallas Cowboys.

The game of the year perhaps, as the unstoppable Cowboys take on Aaron Rodger’s talented Packers team.  The winner of this game will be in the Superbowl, Dallas for the win.

So now the Semi-Finals:

New England versus Pittsburgh

This will be a tough test for Dallas but I believe they will be the NFC Superbowl representative team.

New England versus Pittsburgh will be a repeat of many meeting between Big Ben and Tom Brady.  This could go either way but the Patriots are the perennial favorite at this point in the NFL season.

SUPERBOWL:  New England versus Dallas.

With an incredible defense and one of the highest powered young offenses in NFL history, I believe the Dallas Cowboys will hoist the trophy as the winner of Superbowl 51.

If I’m wrong and your team has a compelling argument for victory let me know in the comments below!

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