Drowning of Conservative Students!

Posted by on May 4, 2018 6:11 pm
Categories: Charlie Kirk

This post from Charlie Kirk led to Jesse Farrar wanting to drown conservative students.


Jesse Farrar and Deadspin’s “Petchesky” need to be held accountable for any harm to any conservative college student’s. Due to their statement’s containing death threats by drowning.

Do you believe these tweets stepped over the line?

We believe the tweets stepped way past Freedom of Speech. Jesse Farrar is making threat’s and creating a movement to drown conservative college students exercising their rights to Free Speech on any campus. Jesse Farrar and Deadspin “Petchesky” want to permanently stop the youth from talking and promoting conservative views on college campuses by threatening death.

Our fore fathers created the Bill of Rights to encourage Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech should include debate and healthy discussion. It should not be used to intimidate and suppress anyone’s first amendment right of freedom of speech. No one should have the right in the United States to use a right to take away a life from another. Death threats should not be condoned by anyone.