Private: Fascist Liberal Attempts to Censor TPUSA Chapter’s Free Speech

Posted by on May 4, 2018 6:03 pm
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Private: Fascist Liberal Attempts to Censor TPUSA Chapter’s Free Speech

A TPUSA Chapter at College of Charleston, in South Carolina, was recently censored and attacked by an unnamed liberal on campus!


Coleman Theodore, College of Charleston TPUSA Chapter President, was putting up signs in the halls on campus for the organization when an unnamed liberal student came up and took them down. The TPUSA poster read “Don’t Be So Offended.”, but this man obviously became offended for an unknown reason.



Theodore saw the man take the poster down, and he proceeded to attempt to get it back and question why this man was taking down the property of TPUSA. The man claimed that he did not take down any posters, and then proceeded to say that the posters belonged to him when clearly they did not.


Theodore spends his time on campus defending free speech, while this guy goes around trying to censor people he does not agree with. It is heard on the following video clip (provided to Turning Point News from Coleman Theodore) that the liberal says, “Learn from the Nazi’s – Do not give free speech to those who take it away from you.” It seems as though this man is saying this to Theodore, but contradicting himself since he is the one preventing free speech to be seen from the conservative side. Theodore hit the nail on the head when he told the liberal that “he is censoring free speech because he is afraid of other people’s ideas.”


Not only did this man attack Theodore’s freedom of speech, but he also physically attacked Theodore by trying to take his phone multiple times during the event. The unnamed man claimed that Theodore wasn’t legally allowed to record him without his permission. However – in the South Carolina Reporters Committee for Freedom of Press (S.C. Code Ann. 17-30-30) it is shown that


“an individual who is a party to either an in-person conversation or electronic communication, or who has the consent of one of the parties to the communication, can lawfully record it.”


This liberal man does not have it together with the facts, and doesn’t have a good supporting argument. Instead of taking down someone else’s property, he should try to have a civil debate with the conservative and respect the opposing argument.


Theodore wrote back to Turning Point News and filled us in that campus police were involved and they caught up with the man, but he was released due to reasons that were not given to Theodore.


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