VIDEO: Charlie Kirk on Varney & Company Talking About China Tariffs

Posted by on July 9, 2018 5:43 pm
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Our next guest usually talks about campus freedom and free speech. Today, he is talking about tariffs on china. He approves of a hard line on china trade. Look who’s here, Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA. Do you approve of tariffs on china?
I absolutely do. My passion and my focus is on the next generation.
As I look at some of the most threatening countries and civilizations right now on the world stage. I look at what China is doing, stealing our IP, expanding their military, unethically representing themselves in manipulating currency on International stage. I see the trajectory they are on buying our debt, economic success and prowess and some of the bad decisions we’ve made on trade over the last 30, 40 years allowing them to steal our IP, which by the way represents 40% of the American economy and then they purchase our debt and treasury securities and I say hold on the second, there is something out of balance here and there has to be some sort of normalization.
We finally have a president that is willing to make some difficult choices that might result in price increases, that might result in parts of the country that feel pain but have significant positive geopolitical implications over the next 34 years.
You think President Trump can win and you think it is worth winning even if we have a little pain?
That is correct. I’d rather have a price war than an actual war. I don’t mean to be too exaggerating of that. God forbid we ever get into a military conflict with China. They are rapidly expanding military, building aircraft carriers, constructing islands in the South China Sea not to mention the relentless cyberattacks on the American homeland.
My generation is going to have to deal with this problem on way or another. Be able to rebalance the playing field, so China knows that we mean business and we’re the leader of the free world. China hates the West. They do not believe in the individual and free speech. And it definitely doesn’t believe in free markets. You cannot have a free market if the other side is acting unethically and not acting properly.
So I believe President Trump has the wherewithal and courage and conviction to win this battle, but there may be some pain involved and that is something we as Americans have to commit to and understand.
Real fast we think of you as the campus reform guy. You go after the banning of conservative speakers. Why are you now out there talking about china and china trade?
I am an avid supporter of the President. To be honest, you’ve been underwhelmed by the lack of people that have been voicing their support for what the President is doing on China. But even bigger than that this is a generational battle. China thinks in centuries, not in decades with the hundred year plan to take over the West to make themselves the world leader in power. I’m 24 years old, looking at what my generation will have to encounter for the next 30, 40, 50 years. China is the number-one threat to human freedom around the world for the next 50 years. And we have to make some tough decisions now to make sure we won’t fall behind.
All right you make a good case. Charlie Kirk, thanks for joining us. We’ll see you again real soon.