Trump Meets Putin- Helsinski 2018

Posted by on July 17, 2018 3:27 pm
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Guest Editoral, John Jaye Johnson


The recent summit between Trump and Putin has stirred up a lot of controversy, with criticism mainly being about US cooperation with Russia. Most of America and the rest of the West have fallen into a very black and white view about Russia. The common belief is that Russia is our enemy. However, cooperating with Russia could be one of the best things for the world.


A possible benefit of US- Russia relations is cooperation on counter-terrorism operations.  The United States and Russia often support opposing sides when it comes to geopolitical issues in the Middle East. Cooperation with Russia could bring stability to the Middle East by preventing any future proxy wars.


Additionally, The US could greatly benefit from lucrative trade deals with Russia. The US still has sanctions imposed on Russia and loses money from those sanctions.  Increasing our standing with Russia could benefit American private industry.


Americans should not get fixed in the opinion that any friendliness with Russia is a bad thing, as there are many opportunities related to Russian cooperation. Cooperation with Russia could totally redefine world politics as we know it. The world is changing, and perhaps America and Russia don’t have to let past disagreements affect their future relationship.


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